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Disinfection / Sanitizing service

  • SPS Technical & Cleaning Services, we use DM approved disinfection chemicals and procedures, we will chemically clean and disinfect and almost all of the staining be removed inside the below mentioned premises.

  • The service will be carried out in the manner that fully conforms to the local rules/regulations as prescribed by the authorities.

  • SPS Technical & Cleaning Services will at all times undertake the services with paramount important places on Health & Safety.

  • SPS Technical & Cleaning Services will be providing in a manner that in unobtrusive and causes the minimum disruption of the facility for residents and staff working in or near those areas where maintenance operation are being conducted.

  •  SPS Technical & Cleaning Services will be ensuring that all of its employees understand their responsibilities and obligations under Dubai Municipality regulations.

  • SPS Technical & Cleaning Services will have sole responsibility for the compilation and updating of the method statement.

  • We provide Quarterly/ Annual contracts at a commercially very competitive price.

  • Our staff are trained and certified by DM accredited institute for disinfection and hygiene.

  • We use DM approved chemical from DM approved suppliers ( Falcon Chemicals).


The method of disinfection and sterilization used by the company

Method of Application Chemicals: Put the Mask, Hand Gloves and Safety Goggle's using the dilution rates above apply the chemical at the premises by Sprayer, Brush, Cloth or Mop and Cold Fogger (Misting.)

Waste Water Removing: After the cleaning of the premises the chemical content waste should be disposed by approved waster type code mentioned by the Dubai Municipality.

Service Report: Prepare a service report in DM approved Format.

Pre- Treatment

  • -Determine the area to be treated.

  • Prior to general space treatment, treat wall voids and other inaccessible areas prior to fogging.

  • Prior to general space treatment, direct fog into corners, under and between Carpets, racking and stored products

  • Based on the delivery rate and volume of space to be treated, calculate the estimated time to treat the site, and “choreograph” or plan your application accordingly. This will help avoid over application in one area, and under application in another area.

  • Close and lock building doors and windows.

  • The premise shall be evacuated ensuring no occupants other than the service providers. - The service provider personals shall be dressed in disposable coveralls, gloves, goggles and masks. - The disinfectant used shall be within the microbial disinfection range that shall be ensured by the Environmental Chemist. - The centralized air conditioning shall be kept on for the disinfectant to circulate.

Post Treatment

  • Appropriate amount of contact time for biocide to react with indoor air shall be given.

  • Till the contact time is over service premise shall be kept closed and will not be open for occupants to enter.

  • The Air conditioner shall be kept On throughout the procedure


Disinfection/ sanitizing Tunnel

  • We also make customized Disinfection tunnel for offices, malls, showrooms. Etc. This mobile tunnel can be branded with company shared artwork for marketing and advertisement. We keep it simple but durable and cost effective to make it reasonable for companies to follow the disinfecting regulations and take such preventive measures for the safety of the staff and walk-in customers at a very nominal expense.

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